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Driving new value with data Sustaining everlasting customer relationships Experts in data-driven customer engagement

Have you encountered the following issues

in managing community members?

Do you often face fragmented community data, stagnation in new user growth, and inefficiency in user management?

Ineffective application of SCRM systems

Difficulty in community user data management/analysis

Lack of strategic layout in SCRM

Urgent need to develop/retain community users

Ineffective conversion/communication in user management

Ants' Power provides comprehensive Social CRM strategic services for brands

Successfully creating people-centered service values for brands!

Successfully creating people-centered service values for brands!

Managing Social CRM, brands will achieve

Rapid identification of target customers

Converting traffic into members

Fully establishing member profiles

Mastering user characteristics

Establishing segmented member databases

Data application and conversion

Generating loyal members through gamified interactions

Continuously activating members

Industry-leading services tailored specifically for brands

Customized services driven by data-driven decision making

Professionally crafted data-driven mechanisms and reports, tailored to your brand's characteristics and market trends, leading you to the forefront of the industry.

Customized tagging system specifically for brands

The only industry-exclusive trend prediction + insight strategy report

A robust strategic consulting team

Each project involves a team of data analysts and marketing expert consultants, ensuring practicality and depth in marketing strategies.

Digital Strategy Consultants

Digital Layout
Strategy for Success

Industry Data Analysis Consultants

Decoding Data: The Key to Operations

25Years of gamified experience
Deeply exploring user preferences in-depth

Ants' Power, with 25 years of industry experience in game interaction planning, can deeply engage brand communities to stimulate user interaction, converting each interaction into brand value!

Game Interaction Strategy Theory

Various flexible gamification modules

User Value

Experience Now

"Ants' Power Fast Food Restaurant" Interactive Experience

Welcome to Ants’ Power Fast Food Restaurant, here you can enjoy delicious meals and earn member points for mystery gifts with every purchase! Don’t miss out on our periodic discount vouchers for selected items. Invite your friends to enjoy together!

Ants' Power Cosmetic Store" Interactive Experience

Just complete our skin tone test, and not only will you discover beauty secrets tailored for you, but you’ll also have the chance to win exciting scratch cards! Each card holds surprise offers, from product discounts to free samples. Don’t miss out on this beauty journey tailored just for you!

Successful Cases

31% Conversion rate with Zero Broadcast Cost

Free subscription for program fans remarketing.

Using post comments capture + Messenger subscription, starting accumulate interested users from the pre-event warm-up posts, and continue to maintain engagement with fans through free broadcasts. Ultimately achieved a 31% conversion rate, aiding the program’s exposure while also providing users with instant access to precise event information.

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