Driving new value with data
Sustaining everlasting customer relationships
Experts indata-driven customer engagement

We offer Superior Solutions

Converging Customer Service, Management, and Market Insight to Forge Brand New Value!

Customer Service

Offering comprehensive, immediate customer support to boost client satisfaction and loyalty.

  • 25 Years of Expertise in Customer Service
  • 24/7 Flexible Support
  • AI-Enhanced Human Collaboration

Social CRM

Integrating social media data to strengthen target customer relationships and develop precision marketing.

  • AI-Driven Gamified Interaction Strategies
  • Data/Strategy Consultation
  • Tailored Marketing Schemes

Public Opinion Monitoring


Real-time public opinion monitoring, market trends insights, and effective management of brand reputation

  • 97% Comprehensive monitoring
  • Industry trend analysis and insight
  • Reputation embedded marketing enhancement

Ants' Power: Your One-Stop Integrated Service

Facilitating Flawless Integration for Brands from Customer Acquisition to Service, Operation, and Analysis!

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Surpassing Industry Standards with Exceptional Service
Propelling Brands to the Summit of Success

Exclusive Solutions for User Data Integration

Comprehensive collection and management of potential customer data/behavior from past experienced brand services


Mastery of Every Customer
Securing Every Ounce of Value


25 Years of gamified operations
Exploring user needs in-depth

Customized tagging system

Three Major Professional Strategic Consulting Services

Comprehensive brand strategy, shaping exceptional customer experience, leading the creation of new business value

Customer Service Consultant

Proficient in customer needs, enhance in customer service

Digital Strategy Consultant

Digital Layout Strategic Victory

Industry Data Analytics Consultant

Decoding Data: The Key to Operations

Creating business opportunities from data and interaction to precise re-marketing

Interactive Business Intelligence Customer Service

Combining Business Intelligence Tag Database with Conversational Customer Service for Perfect Service-Driven Sales Conversion.

Precise Tag Targeting
Word-of-mouth Forums/LINE Advertisement Audience

A meticulous tagging system that builds precise customer groups, effectively targets potential external users, and enhances conversion opportunities.

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Successful Cases

Gamification for Traffic and Conversion

Hand-shaken Beverage Franchise Brand ROAS increase of 230%

Gamification strategies and MGM mechanisms enhance purchases, resulting in a 230% increase in campaign ROAS.

Long-term Domestic and International Partners

Collaboration with Multiple Well-Known Brands, Diverse Service Industries

New Media Entertainment

Sports and Recreation

Technology Services

Banking and Finance

E-commerce and Retail



Cases of Service Experience



Member Data Insights

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