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Public Opinion Monitoring

In the era of new media, promptly grasping the public opinion of the market environment and effectively utilizing the internet's dissemination power, alongside rapid data analysis, is critical to brand development strategy.

Ants' Power Public Opinion Monitoring

Leading Brands Forward Insight into Market Dynamics

Public Relations Issues

Sudden crises require in-depth exploration of the issues, comprehensive understanding of their impacts, and strengthened crisis risk management.

Competitive Trends

Understanding competitive trends and grasping one's own strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors, assisting in the optimization of brand marketing strategies.

Reputation Management

Identifying the most effective forums / platforms / communities from numerous channels, and how to effectively place communication content to become a trending topic.

Industry-Leading Advantages

Industry-Leading Advantages

Integrate public opinion services
Create new community values

Public opinion application not only provides precise reputation marketing for brands but also generates traffic value.

Developing the Best Promotion Platforms for Brands

  • Developing potential target users
  • Mastering the best platforms for attracting customers
  • Investigating precise user behavior

Volume Insight Analysis

  • Analyzing competitor layouts
  • Mastering current trends
  • Analyzing social volume situations
  • Marketing Response Strategies

Word-of-mouth marketing and promotion

  • Targeting specific demographics
  • Product embedded marketing
  • Social Media Framing through issue management

Successful Cases

Combining public opinion and word-of-mouth marketing for precise conversion

60% revenue growth for an electronic brand in a single campaign

Utilizing Ants’ Power public opinion monitoring, targeting brand audience analysis and research, identifying the best placement channels, and employing professional word-of-mouth writers, successfully achieved a 60% growth in e-commerce channel performance for the electronic brand.

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